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In Älmhult we want our residents to be able to live in a pleasant, healthy and safe environment. There are several alternatives for those looking for accommodation in Älmhult – we have a varied accommodation and living environment in Älmhult.

If you want to be close to forests and lakes, you have the opportunity to do so without commuting taking up too much of your day. If you would prefer to live more centrally, you can do so at a reasonable price. In Älmhult you are able to choose!

Renting or buying accommodation

In Älmhult there are a number of accommodation companies and landlords which can provide flats around the municipality. These include Älmhultsbostäder AB External link. which is a wholly-owned municipal accommodation company with around 1,300 flats and a large number of shop premises. You'll find here a list of landlords who rent out flats in Älmhult municipality. Remember that most landlords operate a queue system for their flats.

For those of you wanting to buy accommodation, estate agents are listed here.

Building new accommodation

Are you interested in building a new property? The municipality has land for sale for both small self-contained houses and industrial developments. If you are interested in buying a building plot, you can join our queue for land. Read more about the municipality's vacant land and queue for land.

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