What are our students doing lately?

Creativity, Activity, and Service Examples

Highlights from Visual Arts

Students in Visual Arts will create a body of work that they curate and exhibit themselves. Here is a sample of some students' exhibitions from the May 2021 session. The pictures below are click-able and take you to the virtual exhibition.

An illustration of the starting point of the digital art exhibition

DP1 is in the middle of Materials Science, finding out the properties of iron and steel, and how it is used in construction of some of our historic landmarks!

Last month, we finished a CAD-competition! Here, four lucky winners got to take home prizes with their laser-inscribed names on it!

DP2 are getting close to the finish line, have practicallt finished their IA-projects, and are now preparing for Mock Exams. We're still working hard on enabling 3D-printing in exotic materials, and casting in metals.

Highlights from Global Politics

Below you will see examples in both video and textual format. Video only from High Level students; text from both High and Standard Level. The Internal Assessment in Global Politics which both Standard-Level and High-Level students take is called the Engagement Activity. The activity aims to give students an opportunity to engage with the real world and expand their experience beyond the school setting. The students develop valuable life skills such as reaching out (social and organisational skills), interviewing skills, and certainly collaboration skills. The aim is to offer a setting for hands-on work and prepare students for the dynamics of a 'real-life' career.

The options are countless in this task - for example, some students approach it by simply interviewing people, others by becoming active in an organisation, and others take it to the level of summer internships which they later also add to their young CVs (two birds, one stone).

Our DP students have, so far, reached out and researched the following for their Engagement Activity: job losses in rural communities, or a famous multinational corporation's environmental policy, or communities looking for separatism, or unemployment in refugee camps, or the efficacy of medical and logistical responses during the corona outbreak, or youth participation in local government, or how state vs. NGO policies affect domestic violence.

It is a well-deliberated experience created to get young adults beyond the 'academic shell,' teach them how to approach 'older' adults in a constructive manner, and even start developing their first professional network.

You will see some titles of written Engagement Activity work (SL & HL) at the very bottom of the page.

The videos are the other Internal Assessment, called the Global Politics High-Level Extension; some samples here:

It is a task only for High-Level students and it is also the only additional work that High-Level students need to do extra from the work required from Standard-Level students. The reason for such circumstance is that, unlike in certain other DP subjects, Global Politics does not have any extra curriculum for High-Level students (they study the same information as Standard-Level ones but have one/two extra clips to create).

The Global Politics High-Level Extension is aimed to be mostly done in class as the subject plan sets aside generous class time when the students are to receive regular qualitative guidance from their teacher (with our small classes, it has never been a problem with either internal assessments).

Students benefit from the HL Extension later on in life (beyond the DP) as it rigorously advances public speaking skills, and it can be a demonstration of knowledge and ability for the DP graduates to add to their young CVs.

Are you interested in Global Politics?

Our last cohort to graduate performed the best worldwide, we had an HL average of 6.5/7 and an SL average of 7/7. Congratulations to our students and the teacher for their hard work and achievement!

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