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Support for children and young people

Child and youth welfare services takes special care for the living conditions for children, ages 0 to 18, and in some cases up to 20.

Proactive work

Our field workers work proactively with children, especially those in primary school, grade 6 through 9. They also work with the younger children's parents. The field workers' proactive work is based on outreach work, group work, and information.

Our family advisory officers offer 'open' care for families with children (ages 0 to 18). The care is often given at home. Our ambition is to take action as soon as possible, in order to assist the families with the right support in time.

Children and youth in need of protection

The community as a whole has a responsibility to report any knowledge of children being badly treated in a way that they need support or protection from the social services. Any person working with children has a legal duty to report any such problems. If in doubt, you can contact us for advice, without the obligation to disclose the names of the persons involved. Contact information can be found on the left side of this page. In emergency cases, contact the police (dial 112).
If you apply for advice or support, or report children in need of support or protection, we investigate the case. Sometimes a single meeting is enough to solve the problem, but in other cases a more extensive inquiry is needed. In cases where children are badly treated, we may take action against the parents/guardians will.

Family law

We also handle issues concerning family law, for example paternity, custody, living arrangements, right of access, and adoption.