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Mental health issues

One of our greatest future challenges, mental health issues, are the responsibility of the society. Mental health is about people enjoying a meaningful existence, playing a part in the community and coping with the normal setbacks life has to offer. Social-psychiatric support from the social services is provided to those aged 18 and above.

Measures for those with mental health problems commonly involve cooperation between multiple authorities and are intended to help people in their day-to-day lives. This could include support in the form of employment and living assistance, medical treatment or social rehabilitation. If necessary, we cooperate with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Public Employment Service and interest groups/organisations for relatives.

If you are suffering from mental health issues

If you are suffering from mental health problems or undergoing a trying emotional crisis, begin by contacting your healthcare centre. If you need urgent assistance, call 112. Those over the age of 18 can also get help from the emergency department at Ljungby Hospital.

The support available

Personal representative

Those over the age of 18 with intellectual impairments which cause great difficulty in their day-to-day lives may be assigned a personal representative, whose role is similar to that of a case manager. Personal representatives are not affiliated to any authorities and will focus on your individual needs and requirements. A personal representative can also help to coordinate the care and support services available in the community.

Living assistance

Those who live in their own accommodation may receive living assistance. This service provides support with, for example, planning and carrying out everyday tasks and following daily routines in your home environment.

Contact person/family

Provided for those in need of extra help and support during a certain period of their lives, for example, in order to participate more in community life.


For those in need of meaningful employment, or people who require support in order to find a job.


For those who have a substantial need for care, support and assistance, there are a range of accommodation options.

Social services centre

The municipality’s social services centre is open to both individuals and families. We provide support as well as advice. Your visit is free of charge, and we will not keep a record of what is discussed. You are welcome to call or email one of our social work assistants to ask questions or book in a meeting. Telephone numbers are listed under Contact.