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About Social services

The municipality has the ultimate responsibility for helping people with difficulties of different kinds, The municipality offers a range of social services — elderly care (care of elderly people), care of disabled people, as well as personal and family counselling. Additionally, the municipality offers home nursing care and rehabilitation, for people without access to the local health care centre.

Care and social services in Älmhult is politically managed by the Social services committee.

The social services are assistance of last resort when you and/or your family cannot provide for yourselves, in case you are not eligible for benefits from social or unemployment insurance. The Social Services Department is also responsible for keeping a good social environment in the municipal area.

The Social Services Act defines your rights to benefits, support and assistance from the social services, as well as the purpose and principles of our work. The fundamental idea is that everyone should be able to participate in the community and that the individual's specific resources are taken advantage of; a holistic perspective where voluntariness and proactiveness are important principles. These principles guide our daily work, as well as our overall perspective on human dignity. When children are involved, the children's welfare and right of speech are of utmost importance for our actions.

Some of our services need to be applied for officially, whereas others are 'open'. All staff working for the Social Services Department must obey the principle of confidentiality. The principle means that private information about clients and their situations must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Feedback, suggestions and complaints

If you want to make suggestions for improvement, or if you think something in our work has gone wrong (e.g. a mistake), please bring this to the attention of our staff. Then we will try to work out a solution together.

The municipality also has an officer (a registered nurse) with the responsibility to investigate possible problems and mistakes within the health care services.

If you need more help and advice, please contact the regional Patients' Board. Read more about the Patients' Board.external link, opens in new window