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Onsite sewage facilities

Household wastewater from drainage systems not connected to a municipal sewer system is treated at onsite sewage facilities (OSSFs). These facilities are normally constructed to serve only one or a few households.

There are around 4,000 such arrangements in the rural parts of the municipality of Älmhult. Many of them do not meet the current requirements for sewage treatment. Wastewater not properly treated may cause several environmental problems:

  • Infections spread in contaminated drinking water
  • Oxygen depletion in streams and rivers
  • Eutrophication causing harmful algal bloom. This is not an isolated local problem, as water from Älmhult's streams travels all the way to Skagerrak, Kattegat, and the Baltic Sea.

Building a new OSSF or improving your current OSSF

Before building or improving an OSSF, written permission from the local authorities is required. The property owner is responsible for applying for the permit, as well as for the construction and operation in accordance with the authority's decision. Please contact the department of planning/building and environment for further information regarding the application procedure.

Penalty fee

Written permission shall be obtained before work commences. The local authorities will charge a penalty fee of 3,000 or 5,000 SEK for any construction of onsite sewage facilities without permission.