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The sports school aims to...

  • Give all children the opportunity to try a wide selection of sports, at a low cost. This facilitates for the children to find their favourite activity.
  • Offer its activities to all children, independent of background etc.
  • Offer all children the basic allround exercise needed for future excellence in any sport.
  • Work against the development towards too much organisation, formality, and goal-orientation in children's sports.
  • Offer all children challenges, stimulation, development, self-esteem and joy through sports!
  • Offer the children the opportunity to play and have fun, while developing their cooperation, motor skills and intrapersonal skills, mutual respect etc.
  • Let the individual child test and develop its physical, social, emotional and intellectual resources through play activities.
  • Improve the self-esteem and self-conscience of all children.
  • Give the children 45 minutes of play, joy, togetherness and positive experience every week.