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This is Älmhult

Älmhult lives and breathes hope and belief in the future. This is the place where things are happening. In Älmhult, in Småland, at this very moment. This is where you find the ambition, the desire and the determination to keep growing and developing.

Älmhult has seen massive investment in recent years and further initiatives are in train. Its companies are involved in a major expansion and construction programme with new housing areas and extensive infrastructural improvements. Its location creates unique
possibilities thanks to the presence of the world’s biggest home furnishing company – IKEA.

Älmhult is a place for living the good life

About 17,000 people live in Älmhult, while many municipalities of a similar size are seeing their population decrease. And we are happy with that. Moreover, during daytime, the number of people increases considerably. So it’s no surprise that Älmhult is full of great places for lunching, getting your hair done and hanging out. Every day around 4,500 people commute to Älmhult for work. Added to this, large numbers are coming here on a daily basis on business and for other reasons.

”Älmhult – Home of the home”

Our aim is to be “Älmhult - Home of the home” – a natural home for our successful company and the creative and visionary people who are forging Älmhult’s future.

Älmhult is the heart of IKEA

Älmhult is the very place where Ingvar Kamprad opened his first ever IKEA furniture display in 1953, which five years later led to opening the doors to the world’s first IKEA store. Who
would have guessed at the time what IKEA would subsequently become? Now, of course, we all know that IKEA is one of the world’s most successful and famous companies with stores in some forty countries in every part of the world.

Wonderful natural environment

Älmhult and its surroundings offer a wonderful natural environment with miles of forests, glittering lakes,red berries and flowering meadows. Experience the Great Outdoors by
walking or cycling. Enjoy the quiet of the forest, try your luck at angling in the lakes, paddle a canoe or fill your basket with mushrooms and berries. It is no mere coincidence that there
are as many as seven nature reserves within the municipal area.

The home of Carl von Linné

The world renowned scientist Carolus Linnaeus (known in Sweden as Carl von Linné) was born in 1707 at Råshult, a couple of miles north of Älmhult. Råshult now features a cultural
exhibition site with fields, meadows, gardens and a museum showing the circumstances under which Linnaeus grew up. There is also a garden café here, where visitors can have a refreshing cup of coffee or enjoy a tasty ecological lunch buffet in the spring and summer seasons.