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Contact information

Committees and administrative departments

All political committees and administrative departments each have their official e-mail addresses (the address for the committee and administration within the same area of responsibility are normally the same). Each electronic mailbox is monitored by a responsible officer. Incoming requests are registered and taken care of according to Swedish law.

Please send your message to these addresses to ensure that they are received properly. Avoid using personal addresses (firstname.lastname@almhult.se).


Other political bodies


Special addresses

In addition, some units and functions have their own e-mail addresses. Received messages are not automatically recorded in our official register, but are otherwise treated identically as above.

Central services

Culture and recreation

Public works department

Public works office, tekniska@almhult.se


Tourist office, turist@almhult.se
Linnés Råshult, linnesrashult@almhult.se


Haganässkolan (upper secondary school), haganasskolan@almhult.se

Other inquires

If none of the above addresses seems to be suitable for your message, please send it to info@almhult.se.