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Why fiber?

The number of things we do via Internet is growing every day; we can study, work from home, watch TV and movies online, listen to music, communicate on social media and get new knowledge. The range of services you can get on the Internet will continue growing which in its turn requires stable connection.

Thanks to fiber you have the opportunity to enjoy all these services at home! Fiber can be used for telephone, TV and Internet at the same time. It gives you fast connection with minimum disturbance.

Service life of a fiber network is 50 years. You do not have to pay any recurrent fee as long as you are not subscribed to any service provided via fiber network.

Fiber network gives you fast connection to the Internet at a guarnateed speed. Disturbances happen quite often in all mobile broadbands including 4G, and speed can variate depending on the mobile coverage and the number of active users at a certain moment. Fiber provides each customer with his own direct connection to the network and makes him independent on the amount of active users in the network at the same time.

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