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The process

To order fiber into your house you should fill in an interest application and send it to Stortorget 1 in Älmhult.

After that we will contact you to inform about the project status, if it will be performed or not. In case of decision to carry out the project we come to an agreement with those who ordered fiber about the best appropriate place on their private yard to pull the optical cabels through.

Link to interest application

When it is time to get fiber into your house

  1. When decision about fiber project is taken it is time to dig from a certain point up to the housewall. You should dig a ditch which is 30-40 cm deep and about 10 cm broad. It is important that the ditch’s bottom is flat and doesn’t have any ”S-curves”.

  2. In this ditch you should place a hose with the outer diameter of 7-16 cm (the hose is provided by us).

  3. Then you should fill in the hose with sand/gravel with grain size of 0–8 mm.

  4. Later on we will blow in the fiber into this hose from connection point and up to the house.

  5. After that we will mount a connection box (about 14x21 cm) externally or in a distribution board in which we will weld in fiber. There will be a patch cable (like a telephone cable) pulled from that connection box into the house and placed in a fiber modem. As a standard we use 15 m long patch cable. Patch cable is so elastic that you can wind it around your finger, which makes it easy to attach it to the top of a node etc. You will show us where the wall should be drilled, but please pay attention that our technicians should be able to perform their work from the ground.

  6. We mount your fiber modem but it is up to you to decide about where in the house it should be placed. Please remember that fiber modem requires access to 230 V. We patch cable into the house for max 1 m before we terminate it to fiber modem. So it can be good to think in advance about the most apropriate placement.

  7. The installation is finished and you can choose broadband, TV on www.almhult.zmarket.se External link..

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